Review Advisory Panel

The Commissioner’s Advisory Panel will act as a supportive sounding board and critical friend to the Commissioner through offering non-binding guidance, strategic insight, and relevant expertise about the Commissioner’s Review into the quality of life, and care for older people in residential settings across Wales. 

The Panel will provide a safe and confidential forum for the exploration of issues, risks and challenges, which may act as barriers to the Commissioner’s Review and her overall aim to drive up the standards of quality and care in the provision of residential care settings across Wales. 

Outline of Functions

1. To work as an expert advisory team supporting the progression of the Commissioner's Review and as an ambassador for its success.

2. Participate in discussions about the opportunities and challenges for residential care; for example on existing and future residential care needs, and current local and national strategy, policy, legislation and guidance

3. Provide critical and informed reflection on the Commissioner’s initial findings and other documents – these will be sent in advance to facilitate discussions

4. Provide expert advice and appropriate challenge regarding the Commissioner’s Review into residential care


Some information that the Advisory Panel will have sight of is likely to be highly sensitive or confidential therefore members will be expected to treat all documentation with the highest confidence

The Commissioner is ultimately accountable for how she uses her legal powers; consequently she will be informed - but cannot be bound - by recommendations from the Advisory Panel.


Membership consists of experienced representatives from the field of residential care and older people:

Laraine Bruce  ______   Carechecker 
Sue Kent    Former Vice Chair, Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board
Steve Milsom    Retired Senior Welsh Government Official
John Moore    My Home Life Cymru
Sue Phelps    Alzheimer's Society
Prof. Judith Phillips    Older People's Ageing Network, Swansea University
John Vincent    Welsh Senate of Older People
Prof. John Williams    Aberystwyth University
Richard Willams    Age Alliance Wales