Dignified Care? Review into Dignity and Respect in Hospitals in Wales

Engagement across Wales with older people, their families and stakeholders highlighted growing concern about the way that older people were treated while in hospital, particularly with regard to dignity and respect. 

As a result, the Commissioner undertook her ‘Dignified Care?’ Review, using her legal powers for the first time, to identify key areas where improvements were needed and making a series of recommendations for change to the NHS in Wales, the Welsh Government, Local Authorities and other public bodies. 

Bodies subject to the Review recommendations were required to produce detailed action plans to outline the changes they would make to deliver the necessary improvements. The Commissioner also undertook a detailed programme of follow-up work, including engagement with patients and their families, to ensure that the action plans were delivered and improvements were sustained. 

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Review Methodology / Timescales

Panel of Enquiry

Dignified Care Report

Response Register

Follow-up Reports

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