The Commissioners Review will combine direct visits to residential care settings, with the submission of evidence via questionnaires, focus groups and evidence taking panels to ensure that the Commissioner is able to look in depth at the lives lived by older people within residential care.

Beginning in October 2013, the Review will be undertaken in four stages, with formal recommendations published in November 2014.

Phase 1:

  • Call for written evidence from older people and those who care for, represent and support them, both individuals and organisations.
  • Written evidence from those recognised as experts in residential care.
  • Written submissions from the bodies subject to this Review in relation to their understanding of the quality of life and care of older people in residential care. In addition the Commissioner will be inviting key stakeholders to discuss their submissions with her Advisory Board.  

Phase 2: 

  • Visits by the Commissioner and her team to meet with older people living in residential care in Wales to hear directly from them about their experiences and expectations.
  • The Commissioner and her team will also seek the views of the families of older people living in residential care, staff working within residential care and those who provide independent advocacy. 
  • Alongside these visits, a series of open engagement events will also be held to hear directly from as many people as possible and to ensure that a diverse a range of voices are heard. 

Phase 3:

  • Analysis of the evidence gathered. 
  • Formal scrutiny of the agencies that fall within the scope of this review to identify whether action underway in Wales or planned will be sufficient to deliver the change required.  
  • Bodies falling under the scope of the Review invited to give further evidence to the Commissioner’s Advisory Board.

Phase 4:

  • Publication of a formal report, which will make practical recommendations to Local Authorities, Local Health Boards, CSSIW, Welsh Government, Care Council for Wales and private providers as to what must be improved, changed or implemented to ensure that the quality of life and care for older people sits at the heart of residential care across Wales.
  • At the end of Phase 4 the Commissioner will also advise on any future follow-up action or review that will be undertaken to ensure my recommendations are implemented. 

Regular updates on the Review will be provided both directly to key stakeholders and through the Commissioner’s website.