Work Programme 2019-20

The Commissioner’s three-year strategy – Making Wales the best place in the world to grow older – sets out three key priorities, against which the Commissioner will deliver a wide range of work over the next three years:

  • Ending ageism and age discrimination
  • Stopping the abuse of older people
  • Enabling everyone to age well

The work the Commissioner will deliver under each priority during 2019-20 is set out below.

Ending ageism and age discrimination

Everyday Ageism Campaign: The Commissioner will deliver a campaign to highlight and challenge the ‘everyday’ ageism faced by older people – across the media, advertising, social media and the delivery of services.

Empowering older people to challenge ageism: The Commissioner will develop and publish a new resource that will empower older people to challenge ageism by providing them with a wide range of information about the action they can take when they feel they are being discriminated against or treated unfairly because of their age.

Research into the portrayal of older people in the media: The Commissioner will undertake research examining the language and messages that key Welsh and UK publications and news outlets use when reporting on older people and the role this may play in influencing attitudes about older people and/or reinforcing ageist stereotypes and assumptions about them that lead to discrimination.

Stopping the abuse of older people

Research into police and CPS decision-making relating to safeguarding investigations: The Commissioner will undertake research, working with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to examine the ways in which decision-making impacts upon investigations relating to safeguarding and subsequent access to justice for older people.

Understanding what motivates individuals to abuse and neglect older people: The Commissioner will host a series of roundtable events that will bring together key organisations and individuals – including the police, safeguarding teams, health boards, third sector organisations and other experts – to explore the motivators behind abuse and neglect and consider how these could be tackled.

Safeguarding training for professionals: The Commissioner will deliver training to professionals to grow their knowledge and understanding of the abuse that is faced by older people, covering a range of topics, including the scale and nature of abuse, the links between ageism and abuse, older people’s rights and the services available that can provide help and support. The Commissioner will also work with public services to develop a training module that will enable them to deliver in-house training on preventing abuse to their staff, to significantly increase the number of professionals who have the opportunity to complete training of this kind.

Identifying and mapping support services: The Commissioner will identify and map the services available to support older people who have experienced (or are experiencing) abuse and develop a set of resources to ensure they can easily find information about the support services in their area so they can access the help they need to be safe and protected.

Enabling everyone to age well

Empowering older people to effect change: The Commissioner will develop and promote a range of resources and good practice to empower older people to engage more effectively with public bodies, alongside holding a series of learning events to help older people to develop their knowledge and skills about how to influence and deliver change.

Making communities in Wales more age-friendly: The Commissioner will work with communities throughout Wales to support them to be more age-friendly. This work will include producing guidance for local authorities on how they can achieve World Health Organisation age-friendly status, promoting good practice and innovative initiatives being delivered by members of the Commissioner Ageing Well Network, and working with businesses and organisations to increase recognition of the ageing well card, which lets people know that an older person may need a little help or support.

Further developing the Ageing Well network: The Commissioner will further develop the Ageing Well network to inspire and support older people throughout Wales to share knowledge and good practice, make new connections and establish new partnerships, and take action to create age-friendly initiatives within their communities.

Transport to health services: The Commissioner will look at whether current transport options act as a barrier to older people accessing health services they need. This work will include working with older people, to capture their experiences of accessing transport to health services, as well as health boards and transport providers to identify good practice and areas where improvements may be needed.

Making transport services more age-friendly: The Commissioner will work with older people and transport providers throughout Wales to develop a set of age-friendly transport standards, alongside highlighting and promoting a range of good practice, to improve older people’s experiences of using public transport.

Wider ongoing work

In addition to the work set out above, the Commissioner will continue to work with a wide range of partners to identify, celebrate and promote good practice; monitor and scrutinise the work of public bodies and hold them to account when necessary; influence policy and practice at both a national and a local level; engage with older people in all their diversity; and provide help and support to older people through her casework service.

Click here to download the Commissioner's 2019-20 Work Programme Summary