• Statement: Llynfi Surgery


    The letter sent to vulnerable patients, many of whom will be older people, by the Llynfi Surgery in Bridgend has caused significant worry and upset, and I’m shocked that it was even written, let alone sent out.

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  • The rights of older people in the UK to treatment during this pandemic


    As organisations and individuals dedicated to supporting older people and protecting their rights we are joining together to say that if and when our own governments across the UK do similar work it is vital that they all continue to uphold fundamental human rights principles.

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  • Joint statement: Coronavirus - together we are stronger


    Joint statement from Heléna Herklots (Older People’s Commissioner for Wales), Sally Holland (Children’s Commissioner for Wales) and Sophie Howe (Future Generations Commissioner for Wales)

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  • Statement: Shielding vulnerable citizens from coronavirus


    Today’s announcement that 70,000 citizens in Wales will be included as part of a ‘shielding group’ in order to protect them from the coronavirus is an important measure, but will cause great concern for many older people and those who are vulnerable.

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  • Statement: Coronavirus Bill


    Many people have shared their concerns about the impact that the emergency Coronavirus Bill (which will also apply in Wales) could have upon older and vulnerable people, with the proposed changes potentially affecting health and social care services.

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  • Joint statement on COVID-19: Older People’s Commissioner and Age Cymru


    Following yesterday’s announcement that the government is advising people over the age of 70 to limit social contact, many older people and their families will be concerned about the impact this could have, whether on themselves or their loved ones. But it’s crucial, at this difficult and uncertain time, that people of all ages continue to follow the latest government advice, as we all have a role to play in helping to delay the spread of the virus and in minimising the risk to themselves and others.

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  • Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


    With the government shifting from a ‘contain’ to ‘delay’ approach to try and manage the Coronavirus outbreak, it is crucial that we all take appropriate action to prevent the spread of the virus and keep each other safe.

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  • Celebrating the unseen contribution of older women in Wales


    The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is using International Women’s Day to celebrate the economic contribution of older women in Wales, a contribution worth billions of pounds a year that often goes unseen.

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  • Response to Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report on Poverty


    I strongly welcome the report published today by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which highlights that poverty amongst older people is rising – now affecting 1 in 5 older people in Wales – and demonstrates the need for action to be taken as a matter of urgency...

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  • Response to Welsh Government announcement on upcoming social care funding consultation


    I welcome today’s announcement that the Welsh Government will be undertaking a consultation to consider how additional funding for social care could be generated in Wales...

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