Commissioner welcomes new Welsh Government guidance for care homes


Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira, said:

“I welcome the fact that the Welsh Government has published new guidance as a result of my Review into the quality of life and care of older people living in care homes in Wales.

“The first guidance document – Supporting people at the start of their care home journey: a warm welcome – will help to ensure that older people have all of the information they need when they move into a care home, a transition that can often be a difficult and daunting time.

“The second guidance document – Creating a positive dining experience for care home residents – will help to ensure that mealtimes, an important part of the day-to-day life of an older person living in a care home, are a more enjoyable experience that offer more choice and involvement for residents.

“It is essential that care home providers and those commissioning care home services use this guidance so that the good practice around the dining experience that I saw when I undertook care home visits as part of my Review becomes the standard across Wales."

To download the guidance, visit: