The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales establishes strategic partnership to achieve change in workplace culture in Wales


Raising concerns report coverThe Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira, is establishing a strategic partnership to identify and drive action to achieve change in health and social care workplace culture in Wales so that older people are better supported and protected from harm.

A National Development Board, which will be hosted by the office of the Older People’s Commissioner and will include partner organisations from across the health and social care sector, will develop and agree a strategic approach across Wales to achieve real change in workplace culture. 

Sarah Rochira said: “As Older People’s Commissioner, I have a particular role in ensuring that older people are safeguarded and protected, which is why I commissioned extensive research on workplace culture and raising concerns.

“Today I publish a report that identifies the ways in which workplace culture can affect the extent to which workers feel able to raise concerns about poor care and mistreatment. The report gives voice to those who work with older people on a daily basis, many of whom are unrecognised for the valuable work they do, highlighting the need for greater assistance in raising concerns at an early stage.

“I am pleased that partners working across health and social care have committed to being part of the National Development board. This collaborative working will identify and take forward action that will achieve change in workplace culture in Wales, with the wellbeing and safety of older people at its heart.

“I am confident that we can work together in Wales to deliver the change required to make Wales a safe place to grow older, not just for some but for everyone.” 

Click to download a copy of the 'Raising Concerns in the Workplace' report