Support the #EverydayAgeism Campaign

We want to raise awareness of ageism and its impact by highlighting and challenging the ageism that older people face every day. We want to change attitudes and celebrate the fact we are part of an ageing society. 

You can support the campaign in a number of ways: 

  • Share #EverydayAgeism campaign messages and images via social media
  • Share examples of ageism and age discrimination so they can be called out and challenged
  • Make a pledge stating how you will play your part in challenging and tackling ageism 
  • Get in touch with other ideas for how we can together tackle ageism

The #EverydayAgeism Campaign Supporter's Pack includes more information about how you can support the campaign, and includes suggested posts for social media, as well as copy for newsletters / websites. 

Download the #EverydayAgeism Campaign Supporter's Pack

We've also created some images you can use on social media, which highlight some of the campaign's key messages. You can download the individual images below, or download a .zip file that includes all of the images. 

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