Huw’s Story

I take my neighbour shopping at the supermarket most weeks – her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren visit her most weekends and it gives her real pleasure to cook for them when they come.

Like all of us, my neighbour likes to load and pack her shopping in a particular way, but on this occasion other customers in the queue were tutting and huffing, making it clear they thought we were in their way. Their rudeness made my neighbour quite flustered and when it was time to pay she dropped her purse and all her change went everywhere. As we picked up the coins, the comments from the people in the queue got louder.

To make things worse, the checkout supervisor then made a big thing of opening up another till and moving the queue. The way he did this made my neighbour feel even worse and she was nearly in tears. I spoke to the manager about what happened and although he did apologise, it was clear he didn’t really want to know.

The whole incident really upset my neighbour and knocked her confidence. I was really cross because she is a lovely person and didn’t deserve it.

We’ve since switched to another supermarket who treat us like valued customers and now our shopping trips are much better!

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