Strategic Equality Plan

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales and her staff are committed to and fully supportive of the Equality Act and strive to embrace the Act in everything that the Commission does. The Commission is also obliged in law to provide a Strategic Equality Plan which includes Equality Objectives against which the Commission will have to deliver in four year cycles.

This strategy starts by explaining the approach taken by the Commission to the Equality Act. It then provides details about the Commission’s role which will help explain why the Commission has worded its Objectives in a certain way – unlike local councils and health boards, the Commission is a small organisation providing comparatively few direct services. Then the strategy sets out the work already undertaken by the Commission to promote equality. The lengthiest sections of the strategy are the objectives themselves underpinned by three aims which reflect our role and responsibilities.

Click here to download the Commissioner's Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020

Annual Reports

Click here to download the SEP Annual Report 2014-15

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