Protecting and promoting older people's rights

The need to protect and promote older people’s rights has become even more important as we have seen during the Covid-19 pandemic how easily these rights can be bypassed or ignored. The Commissioner will be continuing to take action to raise awareness amongst public bodies of older people’s existing legal rights, to inform older people about their rights, and to extend and strengthen older people’s rights where necessary.

The Commissioner will also continue to provide information, advice and assistance directly to older people to empower them to understand and exercise their legal rights and the Commissioner will intervene if these rights are being ignored or disregarded by public bodies.

During 2021-22, the Commissioner will be:

  • Taking action with partners in Wales and across the UK to improve the rights of older people living in care homes
  • Addressing the evidence gap on the specific issues faced by older people in Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities by carrying out research and making recommendations for action
  • Exploring how the process and practice of Advance Care Planning could be improved so older people feel fully involved in decisions about their future healthcare needs, and have their wishes recognised and respected
  • Continuing work with the UK network of key partner organisations the Commissioner established in 2020 to ensure that older people’s rights are protected and promoted, and collectively drive change.