Sarah Rochira, The Older People's Commissioner for Wales

Sarah Rochira Biography

Sarah took up post as the Older People's Commissioner for Wales on 4 June 2012 having spent over 25 years within the public and third sectors in Wales. 

Over the course of her career she has worked within a wide range of NHS organisations across Wales, including acute hospital, community and primary care and mental health services and as a commissioner of services.  She also had specific responsibilities within the NHS in Wales for equality and diversity, organisational development, training and education programmes and communication.

Sarah has worked extensively with and for older people.   She served as Director of the RNIB Cymru Group from 2008-12, a membership based organisation and the largest sight loss charity within the UK providing extensive front line services and support, to the 110,000 people within Wales with a sight loss, the majority of whom are older people.  She has also been an active campaigner for changes to UK and Welsh Government policy and priorities.

In 2009, Sarah established, and has been Chair of, the Wales Vision Strategy, a World Health Organisation linked initiative that brought together over 25 partner organisations with the purpose of reducing blindness and ensuring effective support to people within Wales who live with sight loss.  Prior to taking up her post as Commissioner, Sarah was Chair of Age Alliance Wales, an alliance of 20 national voluntary organisations committed to working together to support and inform the development of legislation, policy and services to improve the lives of older people.

Sarah is passionate about making a difference to the lives of all older people in Wales. As Commissioner, she will ensure that they have a strong voice, and will be a vocal advocate and champion for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Commissioner's Blog

  • Creating Joy through Live Music


    In this week's blog, guest blogger Robert Aitken, Director of Music in Hospitals Cymru/Wales, highlights the importance of creating joy through live music.

  • World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2015


    Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a day where individuals and organisations across the globe raise awareness of and speak out against the abuse of older people and the crimes that are perpetrated against them.

  • Dementia Friendly Brecon


    This week, our Engagement Coordinator, Kate Hughes, highlights her recent visit to Brecon, the first community in Wales to be publicly recognised by Alzheimer's Society for their work towards becoming dementia-friendly.

  • Dementia Awareness Week 2015


    This week – as part of Dementia Awareness Week 2015 – I announced that I have commissioned Age Cymru to capture the voices and experiences of older people in Wales living with dementia on my behalf, raising awareness of the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives and making real my commitment to give a voice back to those whose voices may have grown quieter.

  • Men’s Sheds Cymru


    One of the issues I have highlighted consistently as Commissioner, an issue that is reaching epidemic proportions in Wales, is loneliness and isolation among older people.

  • A Debt of Gratitude


    I spend much of my time out and about across Wales, meeting with the people that I represent as Commissioner, often just sitting down quietly and chatting over a cup of tea. They are generous enough to share their lives and experiences with me, often talking about who they were and the things they had done before they were labelled as older people. By spending time with these older people, I have come to understand something very simple: we need to see behind the label and remember who older people once were. In doing so, we remember that we have a debt of gratitude to them as well, something that has been poignantly highlighted this week by the BBC in their ‘Our Greatest Generation’ programmes, which are commemorating the 70th anniversary of VE Day.