Position Statement: Adult Protection

There is not yet sufficient understanding within public services and society generally, of the nature of abuse faced by older people and the circumstances that lead to older people becoming particularly vulnerable or at risk. The number of successful prosecutions of crimes against older people seem to be disproportionate to the prevalence identified in research and the number of concerns raised. Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) figures show that prosecutions for rape stand at around 18%, which is regarded as a very low prosecution rate, but still more than 26 times higher than the reported 0.68% prosecution rate for neglect of older people.

I am working – and I need others to work with and alongside me – to see these different forms of abuse recognised and addressed. There needs to be a systematic approach to identifying those who are at risk and all older people who are at risk must have access to effective safeguarding support. Those who are abused must be swiftly and appropriately supported to regain their safety and, where they fit the legal definition, older people need to be recognised as victims of domestic abuse and have access to the widest possible support available under domestic abuse legislation and domestic abuse support services. Those who are the victims of crime must have access to justice. 

This paper sets out the areas on which I am focusing my attention in the next two years. I have chosen these priority areas as a result of conversations with older people and older people’s organisations, as well as themes emerging from my casework.

Sarah Rochira, Older People's Commissioner for Wales

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