Commissioner’s Team

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is supported by a small team of staff who work on the Commissioner’s behalf to deliver her priorities.

Strategic Management Team

The role of the Commissioner’s Strategic Management Team is to provide advice to the Commissioner, corporate leadership to the organisation as a whole, identify and enhance opportunities for partnership and collaborative working and ensure a holistic approach to risk management, performance monitoring and the identification of remedial action. 

As a group, the Strategic Management Team will contribute to:

  • the development of the Commissioner’s strategic aims and annual business plan
  • the allocation in an efficient and effective way of its financial, human and other resources to achieve those aims and objectives
  • the assessment and management of risk and opportunities
  • the overall assessment of the performance of the organisation against the objectives set out in the Annual Operational Plan and delivery of the Strategic Plan.

Kelly Davies

Director of Corporate Affairs / Deputy Commissioner

Kelly joined the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales in October 2011 as the Communication and Engagement Manager, having previously worked as Head of Office and a Community Engagement Manager for Assembly Members at the National Assembly for Wales. 

Kelly has over 11 years’ experience of working in politics in Wales,  working with politicians to develop communication and engagement strategies as well as working on numerous election campaigns at a European, national and local level. 

Kelly is the Director of Corporate Affairs and is responsible for leading on all internal and external communications and ensuring that the Commissioner and organisation has a positive and high profile reputation for standing up and speaking out for older people and leading and delivering high impact change that makes a difference to the lives of older people.

Kelly is also responsible for ensuring that the systems, processes, controls and information are in place and available to enable the Commissioner to fully comply with her statutory duties relating to: Corporate Governance, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Performance and Risk Management, Project Management and Facilities and Resources.

Kelly is the appointed Deputy Commissioner by virtue of subparagraph 4(1) of Schedule 1 to the Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Act 2006 ('the Act').

Director of Wellbeing and Empowerment (Role currently vacant)

Accountable to the Commissioner, the Director of Wellbeing and Empowerment is responsible for leading on the Commissioner’s objectives to improve the lives of older people in Wales. These are:

  • Embedding the wellbeing of older people at the heart of public services
  • Driving up the quality of – and availability and access to -health and social care
  • Protecting and improving community services, facilities and infrastructure
  • Standing up for older people who are at risk of harm and ensuring that they are safeguarded and protected
  • Tackling prejudice, inequality and discrimination

The Director of Wellbeing and Empowerment is also responsible for the delivery of advice and assistance to older people through the Commissioner’s casework team, and is Programme Director of Ageing Well in Wales, a national collaborative partnership programme hosted by the Older People's Commissioner for Wales, which brings together individuals and communities with the public, private and voluntary sectors to develop and promote innovative and practical ways to make Wales a good place to grow older for everyone.