Commissioner’s Team

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales is supported by a small team of staff who work on the Commissioner’s behalf to deliver her priorities. Here you can find out more about the roles and responsibilities of the Commissioner’s Team. 

Kelly Davies 

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Kelly leads on, and is accountable for, all internal operations of the Commissioner’s office. Her role is to ensure effective planning, reporting and monitoring arrangements to support the smooth running of the organisation and to manage its performance against key strategic objectives, standards and budgets. 

Kelly is also responsible for identifying and managing risks and ensuring that the systems, processes, controls and information are in place to comply with the Commissioner’s statutory duties.

As Chief Operating Officer, Kelly is formally designated as the Deputy Commissioner and is designated to undertake the role of Commissioner if the Commissioner so directs or is unable to carry out her statutory duties.

Katie Holliday

Head of Finance and Resources

As Head of Finance and Resources, Katie is responsible for ensuring that the systems, processes, controls and information are effective and in place to enable the Commissioner to fully comply with her statutory duties relating to financial controls and systems, data protection, and health and safety. 

Katie has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of all financial accounting and reporting systems, as well as procurement (including tenders and contracts) and ensuring that all key deliverables are met as per agreed contracts. 

Katie is also responsible for the preparation of annual accounts and the submission of statutory financial returns.

Anna Haf Mihangel  

Senior Caseworker

Anna provides information, advice, guidance and support to older people and their families on a range of issues such as adult protection, finance, health, care and housing to challenge poor practice and ensure that their voices are heard and understood by service providers and decision makers.  

David McKinney

Ageing Well Lead

David works with individuals, organisations and communities at a local, regional and national level to support, inform and empower local people to develop innovative and practical ways to enable older people to age well. He leads on the development, implementation and evaluation of local and regional events that support and empower people to have their say about what they would like to change in their community and identify the steps that they (and others) could take to help older people to age well in communities across Wales, alongside producing and promoting a range of tools, resources and practical guides to support change within communities across Wales. 

David also leads the Commissioner’s priority of enabling all older people to age well. 

Elizabeth Carr

Engagement and Events Coordinator

Liz ensures that the Commissioner and her team are engaging effectively and systematically with older people throughout Wales. She is responsible for organising the Commissioner’s engagement events to ensure that the Commissioner and her team have opportunities to meet and speak with a diverse range older people and can hear directly from them about the issues that matter to them. Liz also plans and organises the Commissioner’s external events, including conferences and seminars. 

Gareth Rees 

Ageing Well Officer 

Gareth supports the development and impact of the Ageing Well Network through planning, organising and facilitating network events across Wales and developing new links with key groups. He also provides support to network members, responding to requests and queries, and represents the Commissioner at events relating to her ageing well priority. 

George Jones

Community Services and Inclusion Lead

George works with the Welsh Government, local government and other key partners to promote the importance of, and secure improvements in, community services, facilities and age-friendly infrastructure for older people living in Wales. 

Helen Benjamin

Executive Assistant

Helen provides a wide range of administrative support to the Deputy Commissioner and Head of Finance and Resources, particularly with regard to governance arrangements, human resources and learning and development. Helen also deals with key contractors related to the office environment and ensures health and safety compliance to promote the well-being of visitors and staff. 

Joanne Borja

Senior Caseworker 

Jo provides information, advice, guidance and support to older people and their families on a range of issues such as adult protection, finance, health, care and housing to challenge poor practice and ensure that their voices are heard and understood by service providers and decision makers.   

Joshua Hayman 

Senior Public Affairs Officer

Josh is responsible for developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing the Commissioner’s stakeholder and political engagement strategies and plans. He monitors relevant political developments and provides advice and support to the Commissioner and other colleagues on political strategy and messaging to support the achievement of the Commissioner’s work programme objectives. Josh also provides communications support to the Head of Communications. 

Kate Hughes

Engagement Lead

Kate works with colleagues to ensure systematic engagement is an integral part of the Commissioner’s work programme. She works with the Engagement and Events Coordinator to design and deliver a comprehensive programme of engagement with a diverse range of older people throughout Wales and ensure they are informed about the Commissioner’s work. Kate also captures and records the views of older people at engagement events so these insights can be shared with colleagues and stakeholders. 

Kay Hennessy

Work Programme Support Assistant

Kay supports the delivery of the Commissioner’s work programme through providing a range of administrative support to the Commissioner’s priority leads. Her role includes producing progress reports and updates for colleagues, preparing materials and providing support at meetings at events. 

Nicola Evans

Rights and Equalities Lead

Nicola leads on the protection, development and promotion of older people’s rights and equality. She ensures that the Commissioner is kept up-to-date with the latest legislation and developments concerning older people’s rights and promotes the ways in which older people’s rights can be upheld and respected, including promoting advocacy and its benefits. 

Rhianna Edmunds

Communications Officer

Rhianna's role is to build awareness of the Commissioner's role and work through media coverage, PR, campaigns and digital marketing activity. Her work includes writing press releases and articles, maintaining the Commissioner's social media accounts and ensuring that the Commissioner's website is regularly updated. 

Rhiannon Rees

Senior Caseworker

Rhiannon provides information, advice, guidance and support to older people and their families on a range of issues such as adult protection, finance, health, care and housing to challenge poor practice and ensure that their voices are heard and understood by service providers and decision makers.  

Richard Jones

Head of Communications

Richard promotes the work of the Commissioner and ensures effective communication and engagement with older people and stakeholders through media coverage, campaigns, social media and marketing activities. He is responsible for managing communications across the organisation, through implementing, monitoring and evaluating the Commissioner’s communication strategy and annual communications plan. 

Steve Bartley 

Safeguarding and Access to Justice Lead

Steve works with public services to improve understanding of the nature of abuse faced by older people and ensure that this is referred to and reflected appropriately in Welsh legislation, guidance and practice. He also works with the criminal justice system to improve recognition of the abuse of older people as a criminal act and ensure they have access to appropriate support, as well as criminal and restorative justice. 

Steve also jointly leads on the Commissioner’s priority of stopping the abuse of older people. 

Sue Hayward 

Personal Assistant to the Commissioner

Sue provides a range of administrative assistance to the Commissioner, including managing the Commissioner’s diary, dealing with correspondence, co-ordinating meetings, providing information to the Commissioner and making travel arrangements. Sue also provides secretariat for Business Management and Audit and Risk Assurance Committee meetings.

Valerie Billingham

Health and Care Lead

Valerie works with public bodies and other organisations to drive up the quality of, and access to, health and social care services for older people in Wales. She also works with public bodies to increase knowledge and awareness of the issues that matter most to older people to make more rapid progress towards the provision of a joined-up, outcome-focused service that delivers impactful change for older people and has older people at its heart. 

Will Mason-Wilkes 

Data and Research Analyst

Will ensures that the Commissioner can access and utilise appropriate data sources for robust evidence, data and information to underpin her work programme. He analyses data sources, leads on determining the evidence and data requirements for the Commissioner’s ‘State of the Nation’ report, develops indicators and measures to assess progress against work programme priorities and produces detailed research and data briefings for a range of target audiences.