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1.1 Roles and Responsibilities

Information about the Role of the Commissioner

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1.2 Organisational Structure

The Commissioner

The Commissioner is a Corporation Sole; there is therefore no Board as one might find in other public bodies. As a Corporation Sole and the Accounting Officer, the Commissioner holds personal responsibility for directing and controlling the organisation but may authorise the exercise of her functions by any member of staff.

A nominated deputy may exercise the Commissioner’s statutory functions if the office is vacant or should the Commissioner at any time be unable to act for any reason. 

Strategic Management Team

The Commissioner has appointed a Strategic Management Team and its role is to provide advice to the Commissioner, corporate leadership to the organisation as a whole, identify and enhance opportunities for partnership and collaborative working and ensure a holistic approach to risk management, performance monitoring and the identification of remedial action.

As a group, the Strategic Management Team will contribute to:

  • the development of the Commissioner’s strategic aims and annual business plan
  • the allocation in an efficient and effective way of its financial, human and other resources to achieve those aims and objectives
  • the assessment and management of risk and opportunities
  • the overall assessment of the performance of the organisation against the objectives set out in the Annual Operational Plan and delivery of the Strategic Plan.

The membership of the Strategic Management Team consists of:

  • The Commissioner
  • Director of Corporate Affairs (Deputy Commissioner)
  • Director of Wellbeing and Empowerment

Information relating to the remuneration of the Commissioner and members of the Strategic Management Team can be found in the Annual Accounts.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

The Commissioner has an Audit and Risk Assurance Committee to support her as Accounting Officer in monitoring and reviewing corporate governance, risk management and internal control systems.
The Committee consists of four independent members. Good practice requires the Commissioner to regularly review and rotate the cumulative diversity, skills, knowledge and experience of the Committee members.

Members of the Audit Committee are: 

Steve Harford (Chair)

Steve Harford has over 40 years experience of working in both the public and private sectors in Wales.  He has an MBA from Cardiff University, is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an affiliate member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  Steve spent the last 18 years of his working career with Careers Wales from where he has recently retired from the role of Director of Corporate Services.  During his time at Careers Wales he advised and led on the merger of the previous six local Careers Companies to form one all Wales organisation.  He then worked with the Welsh Government to transfer the ownership of Careers Wales to become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Welsh Government.  Steve is a Director/Trustee of Carers Trust South East Wales and is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors.  He previously spent eight years as a member of the Gwent Community Health Council.  Since retiring Steve has been appointed as a member of the Greater Gwent (Torfaen) Pensions Fund Local Pension Board.

Steve Milsom

Steve was a career civil servant in Welsh Government/Office covering 39 years, reaching the Senior Civil Service as Deputy Director for Adult Social Services. Steve worked in various senior posts in Social Services Policy for 16 years. He led the development of many new policies and had a significant role in the development of Social Services Strategies and legislation. He led the development and implementation of the Strategy for Older People in Wales. Steve is qualified at post graduate level with a Masters in Ageing Studies and a Diploma in Management Studies – both at Merit level. He is studying part time for a PhD in Gerontology at Swansea University. Since retirement in October 2013 Steve has become an Associate Consultant with Practice Solutions Ltd. He was an Advisory Group member and Rapporteur for the Commissioner’s Review of Quality of Life and Care in Care Homes in Wales (2014) and undertook an evaluation of a Quality of Life Enrichment Programme in 6 care homes in N Wales (2015). He is a member of the Commissioner for Older People’s Expert Panel on Human Rights for Older People. Steve is also vice chair of Caerphilly 50+Forum. 

Phil Davy

Phil Davy qualified as a town planner. He held posts in Gloucestershire, Reading and Devon, before becoming Chief Planning Officer with Islwyn Borough Council. He joined Caerphilly County Borough Council when the new local authority was formed in 1996. Phil was Head of Economic Development for 10 years, managing a service area that covered business development, tourism, and regeneration. Most recently he developed the implementation strategy for a £220m investment programme to improve Caerphilly Council’s housing stock of 11,000 homes to ensure the homes meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard. Phil has a track record of successful development projects notably the Tredomen Business Park including Caerphilly Council’s corporate headquarters, the redevelopment of the former Oakdale Colliery site, and two secondary schools under the Private Finance Initiative. Phil has held a number of non-executive director roles with Careers Wales, Groundwork Caerphilly and Planning Aid Wales. After 43 years in local government service, Phil has retired from full-time employment. Phil is currently a Trustee with Torfaen Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Audit and Risk Assurance Committee meets quarterly.

Audit & Risk Assurance Committee - Terms of Reference

Click here to read minutes from Audit and Risk Assurance Committee meetings

The Committee provides the Commissioner with an annual report which summarises the work of the Committee.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Annual Report 2014-15

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Annual Report 2013-14

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Information about the role of the Commissioner

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