Strategic Documents

  • Interim Work Programme April to August 2018


    This work programme sets out the work that will be undertaken by the office of the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales from April 2018 to August 2018.

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  • Commissioner's Work Programme 2016-17


    This briefing paper sets out the wide range of work that will be undertaken by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales during 2016-17 to drive change on behalf of older people across Wales.

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  • Work programme 2015-16


    The Commissioner has developed her 2015-16 Work Programme based on the priorities within her Framework for Action.

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  • Work programme 2014-15


    The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales has published her Work Programme for 2014-15, outlining her priorities for the second operational year of the Framework for Action 2013-17.

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  • Framework for Action


    The Framework for Action outlines the Commissioner’s priorities and the changes she expects to see for older people, as well as the role she will play in delivering these changes.

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  • Your views on our future direction


    We are currently developing the Commission’s Framework for Action 2013-17, which will guide our work over the next four years. It is founded on the views of older people, as well as those that support and represent them, that have been gathered through extensive and ongoing engagement across Wales during the past year. We believe that the four themes within our Framework for Action underpin a good quality life; a life that has value, meaning and purpose.

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  • 2012/13 Work Programme


    For the first time, we have published the Commission’s work programme, which lays out 50 specific pieces of work that will be taken forward during the next 18 months

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  • Strategic Plan 2010-2013


    My guiding principle as the independent Older People’s Commissioner is to listen to all older people across Wales and those who work with them. Older people and many organisations worked hard for the establishment of a Commissioner with unique powers to benefit people aged 60 and above.

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