• Briefing: Age-related Hate Crime


    There is an increasing problem across Wales and the rest of the UK where older people are being specifically targeted by criminals due to their supposed vulnerabilities. Despite this, there remains a gap in the law that does not recognise these crimes committed against older people because of their age as hate crimes.

  • Preparing Local Wellbeing Plans: Guidance for Public Services Boards


    The statutory Public Services Boards (PSBs) created by the Act, which have now replaced Local Service Boards (LSBs), have a crucial role to play in maintaining the health, independence and wellbeing of older people across Wales, and in ensuring that their lives have value, meaning and purpose...

  • Commissioner's Work Programme 2016-17


    This briefing paper sets out the wide range of work that will be undertaken by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales during 2016-17 to drive change on behalf of older people across Wales.

  • Impact & Reach Report 2015-16: Driving Change, Improving Lives


    Today I publish my latest Impact and Reach Report, which sets out the wide range of work I undertook during 2015-16 to drive change on behalf of older people across Wales.

  • Getting the help you need from Social Services: A guide to the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014


    The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 is a new Welsh law that aims to make your care and support personal to your needs, helping you to live the life you choose and stay independent for longer. It is being applied from 6 April 2016 and will change how social services operate across the whole of Wales.

  • Dementia: More Than Just Memory Loss


    Dementia is a devastating illness that is more than just memory loss. It is a degenerative and life limiting brain disease that impacts upon every level of an individual’s physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning. This report gives a voice to people living with dementia and those that care for and care about them

  • Section 12 Guidance: Equality and Human Rights Impact Assessments / Scrutiny


    One of my priorities as Commissioner, as set out in my Framework for Action 2013-17, is to protect and improve community services – non-statutory services such as day centres, public toilets, libraries and transport that are often described as ‘lifelines’ by older people. That is why I have published this Guidance, which is issued under Section 12 of the Commissioner for Older People (Wales) Act 20062. It is designed to ensure that robust scrutiny is undertaken when changes to community services are proposed, essential to ensure that there is not a disproportionate impact upon older people and that alternative approaches are considered.

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