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The refreshed Ageing Well in Wales website will be launched in September 2014.

Ageing Well in Wales is a brand that underpins our work across Wales and in Europe.

Older people in Wales are one of our greatest assets both socially and economically.  Improving their wellbeing is a key priority so that their lives and the lives of their families are enriched by their longevity. As our communities will continue to have more people over 50 living and working within them, we all need to challenge stereotypes about ageing and create and sustain communities fit for the future that respond to the needs of the people who will be  living within them. As we all age there is benefit to all of us to reshape the current position, adopt the evidence of what we know will support people to age positively and importantly engage and listen to older people and their communities to make the changes.

Wales is a very diverse country, largely rural and with valley and small urban communities supported by a few larger cities. Just as people are unique so are our communities but shared goals can often unite local innovation into larger scale action. This programme seeks to harness local innovation, shared goals and provide a strategic framework, nationally coordinated to help and provide specialist support in order for people to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Our track record of innovation with integrated policy and practice has given us Reference Site status via the European Innovation Partnership on Healthy Active Ageing. We are proud of this recognition and will continue to work with and support colleagues who share similar challenges in other parts of Europe.

I hope you revisit the site many times and get engaged with, or follow the programme.

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